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BeriCalce Academy

BeriCalce Academy courses are useful for learning the application cycles of Venetian stuccos and lime-based decorative coatings to the fullest.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about numerous techniques and some of the secrets of applying the products that are part of the Luxury&LIME decorative lines:

Classes are held in the province of Vicenza, the city of Andrea Palladio, a stone’s throw from Venice.
Managing them we find Michael De Toni, a son of art: in fact, his family has been making lime since 1924.

The price per person is €300 (including VAT), comprehensive of:

  • Block notes and pen
  • White lab coat
  • Lunch
  • Certificate of attendance

At the end of the course each participant will be able to keep all the materials provided as well as the panels created with them.

The number of seats is limited to 4 so that the teacher can follow all participants in depth and individually.
The standard duration of the course is one day; different durations may be considered depending on the needs of the trainee.

BeriCalce Academy classes are an excellent investment in enhancing one’s professionalism and competence, as they present a very structured and intensive program, but at the same time take place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
The goal is to acquire new knowledge and skills in a pleasant atmosphere.