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Contracting & Private Label


In support of Luxury&LIME products, BeriCalce puts at disposal of their customers a wide range of services:

  • The warranty arising from a long business experience, in fact BeriCalce produces and plasters decorative lime based since 1924
  • The use of materials of high quality and eco-friendly products, which comply with restrict the emission of harmful substances (VOC)
  • The creation of a developer’s request for special decorative with unique formulations, the production of samples, the application’s material in your room samples, the printing personalized labels on anonymous buckets
  • The employment of highly skilled artisan, Italian and foreign
  • The autonomous planning of logistics, from travel and accommodation of the workers, to shipping and delivery to site of equipment

BeriCalce provides the designer and the client its know-how and experiential for achieving optimal results. Your client is supported and recommended in every decision.

After careful evaluation and estimation of the construction site, BeriCalce entrusted the performance of the work to the workers most suitable. Each selected craftsman has a long working experience and a deep knowledge of the product Luxury&LIME.

For these reasons BeriCalce is able to guarantee excellent results and flawless execution of the work.

In particular, on request of the customer, BeriCalce is able to form local workers, sending qualified technicians able to organize working sessions focused and targeted.

Your staff is trained in doing to work cycle adapted to local environmental conditions, from surface preparation to the correct application of decorative finishes.

Private Label

The company operates also in the Private Label field with the following extra services:

  • personalized packaging for the complete range of products
  • supplying of marketing support and neutral advertising material