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Green Division

In recent years, the environmental issues have gradually spread up to create a global awareness that has come to involve and to also rethink the places where we live and work.
This new vision leads to an even more pressing and sophisticated demand of products with high requirements of healthiness for humans and animals, with compatible features with the needs of environmental sustainability.
For decades, with its production, BeriCalce is part of this vision. Our lime is not changed over time, is the man awareness who changed towards a conception more in harmony with nature.

Naturally BeriCalce
The ecological natural paints and all the lime products Luxury&LIME by BeriCalce, due to their innate nature, have a low environmental impact, are healthy and eco-friendly.

Here’s why:

They are in accordance with the regulations that restrict the emissions of harmful substance (VOC) in the atmosphere

Most of our products are VOC 0, the few remaining have VOC values largely lower than the permissible limits (the VOC values of our materials are declared in the respective technical charts under the sections ``Products`` and ``Media`` on our website)

The only VOC present in some products is a good ones, being Propylene Glycol, that is widely used in the alimentary and pharmaceutical sectors

Don’t contain aromatic solvents or other agents that can induce allergic reaction to people and animals, discomfort or illness attributable to the ``Sick Building Syndrome`` (Sick Building Syndrome - SBS)

Don't contain chemical preservatives or other types, for the simple reason that they don’t need it

It’s the high alkaline PH of the lime that constitutes an excellent natural preservative

The lime-based products absorb the carbon dioxide (CO2) present in the air, that happens through the carbonation, the hardening process which is slow over time and can go on for years, making the ambients where we live naturally healthier

The lime with its natural alkalinity have important anti-bacterial functions that associated its mineral origin make it breathable and unique of its kind

The normal water paints are the result of complex formulations and they are composed almost exclusively of chemical materials, resins and derivatives. The lime was used since ancient times as a natural binder. Only reason why today we use a few products of synthesis it is to ensure the implementation and result in modern facilities.
It realize therefore that the dosage of the additives which is introduced are very minimal with the only objective to preserve and to keep the natural simplicity of the lime.

Each BeriCalce product summarizes decades of experience and research to select:

  • The best nature
  • The best colors
  • The best formulations, more adapt and less aggressive for our environment

All along our products have chosen for their beauty and for to satisfy the needs of designers and interior designers.
Now you know that you can choose the products Luxury&LIME by BeriCalce also for their high ecological and natural value.